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Amplifying faith - Impact the world.

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At Selah Studio, we are passionate about amplifying the faith in Jesus and harnessing its transformative power to impact the world. We recognize that Jesus, as the embodiment of love, compassion, and grace, is the ultimate example of faith in action. By delving deep into the teachings of Jesus, we strive to understand and emulate his unwavering faith, unwavering love, and unwavering commitment to serving others.

Through our various initiatives, be it through storytelling, multimedia projects, or community engagement, we aim to shine a spotlight on the life and teachings of Jesus, inspiring individuals to embrace his message and follow in his footsteps. As we amplify the faith of Jesus, we believe that we can bring about positive change, spreading love, hope, and reconciliation to a world in need. Join us on this journey of faith as we seek to make a profound and lasting impact on the world, guided by the unwavering faith of Jesus Christ.

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Latest Podcast

we delve into the profound impact that the Bible and Christian teachings have on our lives as a couple and as individuals. Join us as we explore how we navigate various aspects, including marriage, business, parenting, mental health, and societal events, through the lens of our faith. Together, we'll uncover practical insights and real-life experiences that demonstrate the transformative power of living out our beliefs in every area. Get ready to deepen your understanding of how Christianity shapes our perspective and actions, ultimately leading to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

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 I can do all things through [a]Christ who strengthens me.


Join the movement for Christ at Selah Studio, where we are passionate about sharing the gospel and the transformative love of Christ with those in need. We believe that faith without action is incomplete, which is why we actively engage in initiatives that address the physical and emotional needs of individuals.


Through our feeding program, we strive to alleviate hunger and provide nourishment to those who are less fortunate.


Additionally, we organize fund-raising events dedicated to supporting the homeless and those battling sickness, offering them hope and practical assistance in their time of need. By combining the power of the gospel with compassionate action, we aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, demonstrating the love of Christ in both word and deed. Together, let us extend a helping hand and be agents of positive change in the world, showing that Christ's love knows no bounds.

C A R D I N.png
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