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Opah Gear was born from a need that quickly turned into an obsession: to make the best insulated fishing bags on the market. The bags needed to be capable of holding a huge catch, keep fish cold for an entire weekend, and never leak. 


Brand Story

On this particular trip, we caught so many fish that we couldn't fit them all into the coolers we had brought. We ended up finding Mexican grocery bags and stuffed them with ice to hold our catch on the trip home. Bloody fish guts were leaking all over the trunk as we unloaded the car in San Diego. Needless to say,  Larry's wife did not want to sit in his car for weeks and insisted he stop going on these fishing trips if he couldn't properly care for his catch.

Image by gaspar zaldo

The sun beat down on the lake, its rays dancing across the clear blue water. The air was still, and the only sounds were the gentle lapping of waves against the shore and the occasional chirping of birds. It was the perfect day for fishing, and Jack knew he was in for a treat.

He grabbed his trusty fishing gear and headed down to the dock. As he cast his line out into the water, he couldn't help but think about the cooler full of fish he would have by the end of the day. But then he remembered something that had always been a problem: the ice in his cooler always melted before he could catch enough fish to fill it up.

Bigger Bag. Bigger Catch.
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The Opah Gear Fishing Bag is a revolutionary product designed to keep fish and other perishables cold for up to four days. Our team has been tasked with developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to launch the product and establish Opah Gear as a leading brand in the fishing industry.


Brand Voice 


The brand identity is centered around the idea of adventure, exploration, and the thrill of the catch. We want to position ourselves as a brand that embodies the spirit of the great outdoors and encourages our customers to explore the world around them. Our logo features a stylized fish with the Opah Gear name in bold, modern font.

Image by Ryan Arnst

Creative Director:
Chris Galon

Art Director:

Produce By:
Nominal Media Group

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